2014 Annual Meeting – Chicago – June 17 – 19


Hello  everyone,

I  hope your summer has included the joys of music as well as time for  relaxation.  Wanted to report on  the Chicago annual meeting, and  bring you up to date on some of what was discussed there, including institutes  being explored and possible meeting sites for next year.

Among  the  highlights of the conference were the opening and closing  receptions.  We stepped off the elevators at the Cliff Dwellers Club to  panoramic views of Lake Michigan and Millennium Park, site of MCANA’s opening  night reception for members (arranged by Robert Leininger with the assistance of  MCANA member Andrew Patner, who belongs to the club), and ended  the conference with a post-performance party graciously hosted by Nancy  Malitz and Larry Johnson on the rooftop of their apartment  building. 

In  between these social events were the core of the conference:  memorable,  high-caliber performances by the CSO/Muti and a valiant Grant Park  Symphony, which soldiered on under a stage shell despite heavy rains until  thunderstorms forced it to stop–see CVNA’s Chicago roundup for details–lively,  informative panels, and informal discussions with Muti, Lyric Opera’s  Anthony Freud and others.

Three  new MCANA members were among the 35 who attended the  conference:  Elizabeth Bloom, staff music  critic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  Daniel  Hautzinger, a contributor to ClevelandClassical.com and a student  at Oberlin,  and Paul Robinson, author of biographies on Karajan and  Solti and contributor to Musical Toronto and La Scena  Musicale.   In June, 2012, MCANA had 89 members.  As of  June, 2014, we had 98.  That is now up to 101.  Special thanks to  Daniel Hathaway, Mike Greenberg and Heidi  Waleson for their efforts in bringing us new members or  returning members, including former board colleague Diane Windeler,  whom we have missed very much, and new MCANA member William Albright.  Scott  Cantrell has joined the membership committee, chaired by Robert  Markow, and membership committee member Jeff Dunn has created a great sample letter you can use to contact prospective  members whose writing you admire.  Email him at jdunn@musicmemory.com

Among  the info reported on at the meeting, which is confidential/for members  only:

1.   MCANA ended 2013 in the black, thanks to wise financial management by  Robert Leininger, donations from members and a small  grants from foundations, including Allstate, thanks to Jimmy  Paulk.  We were able to restore $1,000 of the $3,000 voluntary  salary cut taken by Robert several years ago, and pay him a bonus as  well.

2.   As most of you know, within 3 months of launching CVNA, we were able to  secure grants for 2014 from two foundations (through the efforts ofmember emeritus Robert Commanday, a past  president, and yours truly) for a total of $35,000.  This would not have  happened without the generosity and support of those MCANA members  who contributed sufficient funds to CVNA to help us obtain a matching  grant from the smaller of the two foundations.  (Again, many thanks  to each of you!) Using  preliminary research from Robert  Commanday, Vice President John Fleming presented me with a  list of potential foundations to pursue in the future.  I  am  now working to obtain comparable or increased funding for 2015.  If anyone  has any suggestions of who to approach, please email me.

3. At  the meeting,  Web Committee chair Nancy Malitz reported that CVNA had  published 154 stories by 60 writers, most of whom are MCANA members. Nancy  also cited some figures from May – an indication of the site’s ever growing  popularity: 3,334 visitors and 5,879 views. The next challenge for CVNA is to  double the all-volunteer editorial team of four.  It’s a challenging but  rewarding volunteer opportunity, and you will hear more about it from the Web  committee soon. 

4.   Social Media Chair Paul Hyde reported  that he had created a CVNA Twitter page for three purposes: 1) to promote the  reviews and articles on CVNA; 2) to promote the work of MCANA members; and 3) to  tweet links of interest to classical music listeners. Paul has posted more  than 2500 tweets to the CVNA Twitter page and attracted, in its short  period of operation, more than 380 followers. The  page has  provided on-the-spot reports and reviews from MCANA Institutes, such as Sarasota  and Dresden, as well as from the Chicago annual meeting. Paul  encouraged all members to be actively engaged with social  media.

 5.  Institutes Chair Jean-Jacques Van Vlasselaer told us about the  many possible Institutes for small groups of critics that he is exploring  for 2014-15:   Chamberfest Ottawa in August, 2014 (now rescheduled  for August, 2015); a  possible institute in connection with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s  birthday celebration of Pierre Boulez and his music in November; an ethnic music  institute in Mumbai, India for March 2015; Institutes in Bayreuth (which  members would have to pay for, but press tickets would be provided); and in  Ottawa (National Arts Orchestra). 

I’ve been  in discussions with the Handel & Haydn Society in Boston and JJ about the  possibility of an institute in March, 2015 centered around historical  performance and the Society’s 200th anniversary.  Once we know how many of  these institutes will definitely take place, members will be notified by  JJ. 

6.  Jimmy Paulk volunteered to become the new Site Committee chair;  Rick Ginnell, Paul Hyde and James Bash quickly signed on  to assist him.  (Thanks again!)  I will be presenting their  recommenda-tions to the board in our next conference call.  Of the sites  mentioned at the meeting and thereafter, here are the best  candidates:

The  Spoleto Festival (May 22 to June 7; details unannounced) includes the re-opening  of the renovated Gailliard Auditorium, plus the usual lively programming mix,  including a world premiere and a less frequently encountered Baroque  opera).  It also offers inexpensive lodging at the College of  Charleston as well as hotel press rates on weekdays, not weekends.

Hotels  are pricier in San Francisco, not surprisingly.  The best dates for us  would be June 10-13. The San Francisco Opera is giving the world premiere  of Marco Tutino’s Two Women, and a new production of Berlioz’s  “Les Troyens” will receive its American premiere.The SFS   is presenting a semi-staged version of Beethoven’s “Missa Solemnis” as  part of its Beethoven Festival.  

The  Los Angeles Philharmonic is presenting its “Next on Grand” festival of new  music, with premieres by Adams, Glass and Reich, conducted by Dudamel.  The  likely dates for MCANA are May 28-30, and would include Glass’s “Hydrogen  Jukebox” at the gutsy Long Beach Opera.   There are some  logistical issues to work out

The board will make the decision,  but it would be helpful to know the following:  Of those who either usually  attend as well as those who would like to attend but sometimes have scheduling  conflicts in May/June, how many of you would NOT be able  to attend an  annual meeting on June 10-13?  Three or four nights somewhere in between  May 25-29 or June 1-5?  May 28-30?  

Thanks  to Roy Dicks and Paul Hyde for the meeting  minutes.  And to each of you for your continued involvement in MCANA. 

Best  regards,


MCANA members in attendance

  1. Andries, Dorothy
  2. Anthony, Michael
  3. Bash, James
  4. Bloom, Liz
  5. Delacoma, Wynne
  6. Dopp, Bonnie
  7. Jo Eatock, Colin
  8. Fleming, John
  9. Gianakaris, C. J.
  10. Ginell, Richard
  11. Greenberg, Michael
  12. Hathaway, Daniel
  13. Hautzinger, Daniel
  14. Hutton, Mary Ellyn
  15. Hyde, Paul
  16. Jepson, Barbara
  17. Johnson, Lawrence B.
  18. Kandell, Leslie
  19. Kaptainis, Arthur
  20. Keaton, Ken
  21. Kennelly, Laura
  22. Lambert, John W.
  23. Lavazzi, Chuck
  24. Love, Earl Arthur
  25. Malitz, Nancy
  26. MacMillan, Kyle
  27. Mose, Peter Kristian
  28. Patner, Andrew
  29. Paulk, James
  30. Robinson, Paul E.
  31. Telin, Mike
  32. Van Vlasselaer, Jean Jacques
  33. Von Rhein, John
  34. Wein, Gail
  35. Wright, David

Latest Detailed Schedule – MCANA Sessions & Events


June 17th – Chicago Symphony Orchestra –  Muti Conducts Schubert 1 and 6

Riccardo Muti, conductor; David McGill, bassoon

Schubert Symphony No. 1; Mozart Bassoon Concerto; Schubert Symphony No. 6

June 18th – Grant Park Music Festival

Grant Park Orchestra; Carlos Kalmar, Conductor; Stefan Jackiw, Violin

Nicolai: Overture: The Merry Wives of Windsor; Dvořák: Symphony 3;

Mozart: Violin Concerto No. 5, Turkish

June 19th – Chicago Symphony Orchestra –  Muti Conducts Mahler

Riccardo Muti, conductor

Schubert Symphony No. 5; Mahler Symphony No. 1

Links to CSO and Grant Park Music Festival

CSO – June 17th

CSO – June 19th

Grant Park Music Festival – June 18th