2023 – June 22-25 in Chicago

Members registered to attend:

  1. Angela Allen (& companion)
  2. Michael Anthony
  3. James Bash
  4. Susan Brodie
  5. Wynne Delacoma
  6. John Fleming
  7. Janelle Gelfand 
  8. Richard Ginell 
  9. Michael Greenberg
  10. Matthew Gurewitsch
  11. Paul Hyde
  12. Barbara Jepson
  13. Anne E. Johnson
  14. Lawrence B. Johnson
  15. Arthur Kaptainis
  16. Laura Kennelly (& companion)
  17. John Lambert (& companion)
  18. George Loomis (& companion)
  19. Nancy Malitz
  20. Robert Markow
  21. Kevin McLaughlin (& companion)
  22. Jennifer Melick
  23. James Paulk
  24. Bill Rankin
  25. Jeremy Reynolds
  26. Paul Robinson
  27. Donald Rosenberg
  28. Simone, Katelyn
  29. David Patrick Stearns
  30. J.J. Van Vlasselaer
  31. Heidi Waleson (& companion)
  32. Gail Wein
  33. David Wright (& companion)

We are pleased to announce that the 2023 annual meeting of the Music Critics Association of North America will be held June 22-25 in Chicago. Arrival via the city’s airports is recommended by mid-day June 22. 

Please plan to come because there is much in store. Hotel information will follow. Here are some details to assist you in planning.

* Thursday June 22:  4:30 Dress Rehearsal – Chicago Symphony music director Riccardo Muti rehearses Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. Muti will speak with our group and answer questions following the rehearsal. 

* Friday, June 23: Performance of Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis.

* Saturday June 24: West Side Story matinee at the Lyric Opera of Chicago. 

* Saturday June 24: Fully staged performance of Marc’Antonio e Cleopatra, the 1725 serenata by Johann Adolphe Hasse, at Haymarket Opera, a boutique company that specializes in the use of period instruments and staging methods. 

Sunday June 25: Annual business meeting. Official activities end at Noon. 

Additional details are forthcoming about sessions on skill-building and networking in our changing profession. Panel discussions on topics such as new music trends and opera incubation are also planned.  

2023 Annual Meeting Registration

Companion registration